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    We recognize the primary responsibility of schools is to educate youth and an integral part of that educational process includes interscholastic athletics and activities. We encourage and promote diversity in all aspects of the programs as well as establish standards and practices to insure the safety, health, and general welfare of all participants.

    Good Sportmanship 

    Our Athletic and Activities team formulates policies that cultivate the ideals of good sportsmanship by students, coaches, and parents. We provide a model of clear communication processes between athletes, coaches, parents, and administrators. Our goal is to design all activities to provide fair and consistent opportunities for all students. 

    Opportunities for All Students

    Student participation in a comprehensive athletic and activities program helps our young people become better school and community members and provides opportunities not available in the regular curriculum. Participation in athletics and activities also promotes leadership, teamwork, sportsmanship, discipline, goal-setting, and other valuable life skills.

Athletics Participation Guide

  • Online Athletic Registration

    . Parent/Guardian will create an online family profile. Once profile is created, parent/guardian must follow the steps to register their student athlete for a specific sport.

    Medical History & Physical Examinations

    Physical Exam procedures for Student- Athletes: The PHYSICAL ELIGIBILITY FORM must be completed and signed/dated by a medical practitioner to be valid.  Student-Athletes are responsible for completing their physical exam at their own expense. 

    Physicals are valid for up to 24 months from the date of the examination if all guidelines are met.  Physical expiration dates must extend beyond the respective WIAA season ending date.  Expiration dates occurring within a sports season shall require a new examination prior to that season.  The best practice for student-athletes is to obtain the physical examination after June 1st of the 5th grade year, 7th grade year, 9th grade year and 11th grade year.


    • Parents/guardians can go to to register and complete the student’s medical information.
    • Once the student data is entered, FinalForms will create a personalized Pre-Participation Physical Examination (PPE) form (also referred to as the Medical History and Physical Eligibility Form for the Kent 香港六合彩开奖网 District Athletics).
    • Parents/guardians print the PPE form and have the student take the form to the medical exam appointment.
    • Once the form is completed, it can be uploaded on or turned in to the athletic administrative assistance or building athletic director.

    The recommended medical history form. STAYS WITH DOCTOR.

    The recommended physical exam form. STAYS WITH DOCTOR.

    The recommended medical eligibility form. UPLOAD TO .

    This form is supplemental to the athlete history form.

    Medical insurance is also required to participate in interscholastic athletics. 香港六合彩开奖网 insurance is available for a fee. Go to Student Accident Insurance at the bottom of this page to register if you need coverage.

    Parent & Student Athletic Handbook

    View the Kent 香港六合彩开奖网 District Parent and Student Athletic Handbook (PDF) and Middle 香港六合彩开奖网 Athletic Handbook (PDF) to learn what it takes to be a successful athletic participant through code of conduct, eligibility standards, and more.

    Health Resources

    • Concussions: View the concussion in youth sports fact sheet to learn about symptoms, common treatment options, and preventative measures athletes can take while participating in sports.
    • Concussion Screening: Make an appointment for baseline concussion testing with Olympic Sports and Spine available to students participating in basketball, football, soccer, and wrestling.
    • Sudden Cardiac Arrest: View the sudden cardiac arrest information sheet to learn about causes, common treatment options, and preventative measures athletes can take while participating in sports.

    Return-to-Play Guidelines

    The  lists requirements for all athletic teams to participate in sports, along with sport-specific guidelines as each sport has unique circumstances to consider. Guidelines have been developed in consultation with Washington Department Health officials, medical communities, the national governing body for education-based athletics (NFHS), and state committees of coaches and athletic directors.

    To resume participation following an illness and/or injury serious enough to require medical care by a doctor, a student athlete must present a completed and signed 香港六合彩开奖网 RETURN TO PLAY FORM to the building Athletic Director.

    Student Accident Insurance

    The safety of our students is of critical importance to the Kent 香港六合彩开奖网 District, and we want to protect them from injury. Even so, accidents do happen and required medical care can be very expensive. Please know that your school does not assume responsibility for such costs but does offer you access to several accident insurance plans for voluntary purchase. Details can be found on the links below:

    For more information about insurance offerings, or to enroll, visit theor call 1-800-827-4695.

    If you are already enrolled in the student accident insurance program, you may submit a claim using the Student Insurance Claim form.

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